My (Extremely) Psychic Life

It’s extremely rare for me to have a dream that’s just a dream. Long gone are those dreams of nonsensical mish-mash with no meaning. Long gone are the dreams of trying to run from something terrifying but your legs won’t move. My dreams are so much more than that. They hold a myriad of clues, layer upon layer of hints of the future (or past) that are guaranteed to happen.

Back in April of this year, my thirty-something neighbour, Clair, suddenly collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Word came that Clair was undergoing several brain operations and the prognosis was not good. Weeks turned into months and still Clair did not come home. It was heart-breaking to watch her husband, Charlie, aimlessly wandering up and down the road, talking to neighbours about the latest update on his wife’s condition. He put his job as a college lecturer on hold so he could spend every day at the hospital but still no good news came.

It was perhaps late July when I had an extremely vivid dream about Clair: The sun was shining brightly; it was a beautiful, warm day and neighbours had gathered outside to welcome Clair home. She was dressed in a pale-blue dress as she elegantly floated towards her front door whilst everyone clapped in celebration of her return. I knew that her speech was affected. She couldn’t say anything; instead she just smiled and waved back at me…and then I woke up.

I knew it meant that eventually Clair would come home though I kept the dream to myself. One warm evening, around six weeks later, Charlie had passed by whilst I was in the front garden. He looked so sad that my heart went out to him. We chatted briefly, Charlie on the verge of tears as he relayed that it was not looking good. It was then that I decided to tell him about my dream; I reassured him that Clair would come home. He was so touched by my words, ‘Thank you so much Jackie, that really does mean a lot and I will tell Clair when I see her tomorrow’, he said tearfully, almost unable to speak for fear of breaking down.

A few more weeks passed and more bad news came. Clair had suffered a stroke and her speech was gone. Neighbours were saying she wasn’t going to make it. I could have kicked myself for even mentioning it to Charlie and wished I’d have kept my mouth shut. Every day I turned the dream over in my mind; Clair in her pale-blue dress, unable to speak, floating down the path. I convinced myself that I’d wrongly interpreted it; perhaps Clair floating meant that she was going to pass after all?

It was last weekend and now early November, when my eldest son had called me to come outside. ‘Clair’s out here mom’, he said with surprise.

‘Clair?’ I replied.
‘Yes, Charlie’s Clair’, he said.

Upon realising who he was talking about I went outside to my son and his friends who’d been stood on the front path…and sure enough Clair was home! Her speech still not returned and sadly in a wheelchair but she waved and gave me the biggest smile that made me want to cry happy tears. Charlie brimming from ear to ear to finally have his wife back gave me so much joy. All I could do was to give him the ‘thumbs up’ sign and say, ‘Good for you, Charlie…good for you!’

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What Being Psychic Really Means…

And finally! The first of (I hope) many blog posts, on a typical day in the life of a completely normal person that just happens to be an ‘off the scale’, kind of psychic. Before I go any further, I must say a great big hello and thank you to all fourteen of you faithful followers of this blog. I hope you will enjoy these posts and I will try my best to answer any questions you may have.

One of the main reasons I decided to write my true story, (and this blog) was because so many seem confused by what psychic really means. Sadly, some believe their future can be predicted by Tarot readers for a fee. Many will actually come away from such meetings seeing it as a success, only remembering the ‘hits’ and disregarding the ‘misses’.

I grew up in a time where the very word psychic was taboo – these days however, it is used all too loosely and for me has lost its meaning. In my younger years I was sometimes dragged off by friends, to see ‘clairvoyants’ with promises of an insight into my future but quickly came to realise that I’d be twenty-five quid poorer and non the wiser. It all seemed like guess work…somehow they would tease out snippets of my life and regurgitate it as some kind of revelation from ‘the other side’; as if it was some magical knowledge imparted only to them.

Following a near-death in my late-twenties, I began experiencing things that I could neither explain nor understand. Lines from songs would plague my days, over and over in my head. Well-known phrases or random names would pop into my mind and I’d think why the heck am I thinking that! Vivid dreams became an almost nightly occurrence and what felt like out-of-body experiences became ten a penny. It took some time before I realised that these songs, phrases, random names and dreams were all jigsaw pieces to big news stories, before they even happened. Sometimes I would find myself hovering above a scene and suddenly realise that I was dreaming about a particular high profile murder investigation that was in the news at the time.

It wasn’t like a heard a voice saying, Hi I’m Hiawatha, your spirit guide! like some claim. To this day, I have no idea where the information comes from and have never claimed to speak to dead people. Really, I am clueless as to the source! All I know is that it’s always precise….sometimes I may interpret the message wrongly but have to admit, I’ve become pretty adept at making far more sense of it. Often when I ‘hear’ a message, I get the meaning of it instantly. Like when I got the words, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, a couple of weeks ago, I quickly realised that it meant the politician, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the likelihood that he will climb the political ladder to become the next leader of the Conservative Party. The volume of the message always gives an accurate description of the severity of any given situation. The louder and more repetitive something is, denotes its importance…and the bigger it will feature in the news.

Similarly, for months now, I have been getting a line to the song by, Seal. Kiss From A Rose. Just this: When it snows, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen…you remain – And then it stops! I tend to get this one line whenever Brexit news is looming. I have been getting this on and off for at least six months and from the tone and volume I can be sure that when it snows, something will come about that keeps Britain in the European Union.

See you soon everyone…Happy reading!


#BookStuffing and why it matters.

Cait's Creatures

If you’ve been on twitter in Romancelandia recently, you may have noticed some interesting hashtags.


Some of them have been talked about to the max, (#cockygate, #BYEFaleena), and some are just starting to gain momentum (#tiffanygate). If you haven’t heard of any of these yet, I suggest falling down the rabbit hole on twitter to find out more. This post isn’t going to explain #cockygate or #tiffanygate (though Tiffanygate and BookStuffing have something in common).

As a reader, I came across Kindle Unlimited about a year ago. It was as I was discovering more indie authors, and wanted to find more. So I got my subscription, and started devouring books that participated in the program. I found authors like Alexa Riley, Mia Madison, Madison Faye, Ella Summers and so many more. I started reading novellas and full length novels, reading almost 200 books in a year…

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The Normalization of Perpetual Disaster

Kenn Orphan

In case you missed it…

A hole the size of the Netherlands has opened in the middle of the Antarctic ice sheet. 40,000 penguins just perished of starvation on the same continent. And earlier this summer an iceberg weighing one trillion tons broke away adding more momentum to inevitable global sea level rise.
Floods have killed thousands and displaced many more over the summer and into autumn from China to India and Nepal to Southeast Asia to West Africa. Scores of people were killed and many still missing from fires that have scorched Northern California, Spain and Portugal. Three and a half million people in Puerto Rico are still in survival mode without drinking water or electricity weeks after Hurricane Irma made landfall. Parts of the Gulf Coast are a toxic soup of chemicals. The Amazon rain forest, the lungs of the planet, are belching…

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Book Review – The Camera Guy by R.W. Goodship

camera guy coverAfter discovering this book on Twitter and reading that the Author was a retired police officer (with 22 years experience in forensics), I knew I had to read it. The fact that it has a paranormal twist only added to my interest and oh boy, I was not disappointed! The crime-scenes are true events that really happened; only they have been authentically adapted into a gripping part-fiction, part-truth story, with just enough information that leaves you slightly squirming but wanting to know more. Without giving too much away, the main character Bill Walters, arouses a great deal of suspicion amongst his fellow police officers. His ability to see the spirit of dead victims at crime-scenes gives him the edge; he has never lost a case! When his Inspector employs Tom, a psychologist, to spy on Bill, he sees straight through Tom’s cover story. The relationship between them develops into something quite unexpected and makes for great reading. This book really had everything for me; great characters, intrigue and a little humour thrown in. I can’t recommend it enough…a very well deserved five stars!

Cosmic Influences on the 1977 Tenerife Aviation Disaster

An amazing insight into cosmic influences on the day of the Tenerife air disaster. In conjunction with the amazing book by OJ Modjeska, ‘Gone – A Catastrophe in Paradise’. This true story moved me to tears.

Marcha's Two-Cents Worth

doorintospacebkgd[Note: Several weeks ago I posted a review of the book “Gone: Catastrophe in Paradise” by O.J. Modjeska, which chronicled events leading up to and following the horrific ground collision between two jumbo jets in the Canary Islands in March 1977, killing 583 people. As a professional astrologer, of course I had to look at the cosmic influences at work at the time. As is typical of an event chart, everything was there, but at the time I didn’t have time to write it up. Thus, I am doing so now.]

Astrology isn’t simple. Every planet, major fixed star, constellation, named asteroid (and some that aren’t), zodiac sign, and house has multiple meanings and implications. The good news is that this is conducive to computer interpretations, or what is sometimes referred to as “cook book astrology.” I sell several varieties of such reports and use them for myself, family, and…

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THE ORDER by JOHN MAYER #The Parliament House Books 2 @johnmayerauthor

This sounds like a brilliant read…I absolutely love the cover too!




The story of how The Earl of Marchion who owes £7.8m in Death Duties, thought he could kidnap, smuggle and cheat his way out of paying them. But he didn’t reckon on the skills of an 11 year old African girl or her crusading lawyer Mr Brogan McLane QC.


This is the second book in the series although I believe that it could be enjoyed as a standalone book. This is such a tragic story of human trafficking and the appalling ways in which children can be shamefully used and abused all for greed and profit. The opening scenes set in Africa are unthinkable. I just couldn’t get my mind round what little value a man put on his children. I don’t mean monetry I mean in the human sense, God damn it these were his flesh and blood and it was…

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